Your wedding photographer is not just another vendor! Here’s why…

When choosing a wedding photographer, a lot of people have concerns about investing so much into one vendor. Should it really cost so much for someone to “just take pictures”?

Here are a few reasons why your photographer is worth investing in and why they aren’t just another vendor providing you a service.

1. Our stuff is made to last a lifetime

What your photographer delivers to you won’t get eaten, won’t get stored in a closet or attic, and won’t wither away. The photos they deliver to you are moments frozen in time that stir up emotions and feelings like nothing else can:

  • When he sees you for the first time walking down the aisle and
  • The way your dad holds back tears as he sees his little girl all grown up and ready to start her new life
  • You and your cousins tearing up the dance floor.

These are the moments they are artfully capturing for you to cherish and relive for years, long after the wedding has passed.

2. You spend the most time with us

Most vendors you work with are not involved throughout the wedding planning process. You might book/purchase their services through a website, phone call, or brief visit to their store. And that’s as much as you’ll be with them.

However, your photographer will be with you before the wedding (yay engagement sessions!) , during your getting-ready photos, your final exit from the reception, and even after the wedding day. As much as you’re investing in a photographer, there’s a lot of time and effort being invested in YOU. Make sure your photographer understands that.

3. A connection is made

This one is important.

You want to have a close connection with your photographer.

They have experience working with brides, the chaos behind the scenes, and how the family dynamics come into play. You want someone who you feel comfortable inviting in to your world. When you and your photographer connect, it makes everything run so much smoother. You’ll have a trust and understanding that comes through in the photos. It’s easier to open up and let the real emotions out when you feel like your photographer “gets you.”

If you don’t connect with your photographer, then all you have is a stranger taking pictures of you. And who wants that?

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