How to Get the Best “Getting-Ready” Photos!

Your wedding day is one of the most special events in your life. Why else did you decide to have every moment and detail captured?

The precious hours leading up to your “I do’s” usually involve the people you love most and the details that truly matter to you. We love being there to capture all the intimate and reflective moments while you’re “getting ready”. What can you do to make sure your photos are the absolute best they can be? Here are some tips:

1. “What light through yonder window breaks”?

Bill Shakespeare knew the beauty of light coming through a window. When choosing a getting-ready location, try to pick the room with the most natural light. The more windows the better! Natural light makes everything look…well…natural!
(BONUS: Your makeup artist will love to work in this light too!)

2. Clean up your room!

In addition to the light situation, make sure the room is clean and free of clutter. You don’t want to have piles of clothes or charging wires in the background of your photos. Unless it has a special, deep meaning, take the time time to hide stuff that will be distracting.

3. Give us the deets!

Days, even weeks before your wedding day, collect all your details and keep them in a safe place. This would be things like jewelry, veil or hairpiece, perfume, garter, shoes, sentimental photos, or heirlooms. While you’re getting ready, make them available for your photographer, and let them do their thing! These might not be the most interesting photos for family and friends to see, but they capture the style, taste and mindset you had on this day.

4. The supporting cast

Share your wedding-day timeline with your bridesmaids and the family members you want with you as you’re getting ready. If you want your mom to help you put on your dress, or your girls’ reaction to seeing you for the first, time everyone needs to know the schedule. Make sure they are clear as to what time they should arrive so your photographer can catch all of those special moments together.

5. Relax

I know, I know, it’s kind of hard to do on your wedding day. But for real; try not to focus on the photographers so much and what we’re doing. It’s their job to capture this day.
Live in the moment! feel all the feels! and let us do our thing!

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