Photography and your Wedding Day Timeline

Your wedding day is finally approaching, all of the big plans are finalized, so what now?

Bride and Groom smiling at each other. Photo by Cait and Will Photography.

It’s probably no surprise that your wedding day can be very stressful. There are a lot of moving pieces and it can be overwhelming. This is where a wedding-day timeline comes in handy. A timeline helps keep everyone on the same page and the day moving smoothly. The best part is that it relieves you from the stress of who’s supposed to be where?, what’s happening next?, and OMG does my brother even know he’s walking down with grandma!?

Bride smiling at camera with veil drifting in wind.

So what does this have to do with your wedding photographer ?

We recently took a poll on Instagram – What would you have changed about your wedding photographer?

Here were some of the popular responses:

“More pictures of me and my husband. We didn’t have much”

“More pictures with my family”

“More pictures of me and my husband. There were more of my family than us!”

“Should’ve had as many fun photos as formal photos”

Clearly, some things were overlooked. This is where your photographer comes in! Many photographers offer customized wedding day timelines to ensure that all the important moments are given proper attention and that they can give you their best work.

A timeline that everyone follows is critical if you want to avoid rushing through family portraits, or barely having any pictures of you and your new spouse.

Here are 6 guidelines for an effective wedding-day timeline

  1. Assign someone ( e.g. maid of honor or best man) to be aware of the time and help keep you and the bridal party on schedule.
  2. Set aside at least 1 hour for bride and groom portraits. After all, this whole days is about you two.
  3. If you want formal family photos, make sure to set aside at least 30 minutes (more or less depending on how big the family is)
  4. Leave time to account for being interrupted by family and friends who are so excited for you and want to hug and congratulate you. (Those 30 second encounters add up!)
  5. Don’t forget to account for travel time between locations.
  6. Make sure your photographer is aware of any specific shots that you really want. Remember, we can’t read your minds.

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