3 Tips to Get Great Family Photos with Your Little Ones

Many parents express their concerns to us about how their kids are going to act during their family session. And with good reason! Young children can be unpredictable, a stranger is trying to make them smile, and their routine may be thrown off.

Here are some things you and your photographer can do to help the kiddos feel comfortable and have fun during their session…

1. Don’t Worry!

I know, easier said than done. But for real. DON’T WORRY. When you are nervous and stressing that your kid may misbehave, they are going to feed off that energy. The more calm, cool, and collected you stay, the better chance of them cooperating.

2. Prioritize

If you have done sessions with me before you’ll be familiar with this one. I always tell my families that the first thing we do when the kids are fresh, and before their patience has worn off are the posed “mantle” shots. Those are the safe ones that you can use for cards, send to the grandparents or hang on your “mantle”. But soon as the kids start getting antsy and uncooperative…

3. Let them be Kids!

This is super important. After those posed shots I find it best to just let the kids explore and play. I encourage the parents to follow them around, interact, and enjoy your children. This puts them at ease and it is a nice distraction. In my opinion, this results in the best photos and cutest moments.


If they start to have a meltdown, it’s okay! We have little ones too and are used to it. No judgment here! If it happens we take it slow and try and let them calm down before we proceed.

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